How to Disappear Completely

As a LIS student, impending graduation has placed yet another burden upon me: Finding a job.  On top of school, being a full-time debt collector, and mom, my frustration has ultimately surfaced from the lack of jobs out there and the lack of response I am receiving from prospective employers.  My day-to-day has fallen into the pattern of waking up, going to work, doing homework, and job hunting until all hours of the night and then doing it all over again starting at 6:30am.

But, now that my 3 (yes, 3) summer classes are officially over and I have approximately 2 weeks before my last semester starts, I decided I needed to get away from it all – break the cycle.  So, I randomly chose a location, picked up a friend, jumped in the car, and ended up in West Virginia.

…And it was beautiful.

I felt like I was the size of an ant..

It was then that I realized my problems and the angst I’ve been feeling is nothing comparable to the grand scheme.  I needed to get away to clear my head so I didn’t fall into a vicious cycle of beating myself up over jobs that could have been, or the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” argument I have with myself over my resume.

I think it’s important for anyone out there looking for a job to remember that it will happen, it just takes time.  Maybe there’s a legitimate reason you didn’t get the job, or perhaps it wasn’t really the job for you.  And maybe, we should all just get away for a little while to clear our minds and then go back to our day with a new self-worth.

It is easy to get bogged down as a librarian or library student having to work to support yourself and your child.  Many times, we have too many demands and requests pending on us with unrealistic time-frames to complete them in, and no one to listen to us.  It is then we should rediscover ourselves and lose the frustration and anxieties of our daily lives.  It is time to remember our importance in this world and how little all that ‘stuff’ matters.

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