Library Day in the Life [of the unemployed librarian]

Since graduation, things have been busy looking/trying to find a job.  I have been doing my own searching while working with former colleagues and I have probably sent out over 50 applications and c0unting – so, I thought it would be interesting to participate in Library Day in the Life: Round 6 and describe the life of the recent-library-school-grad-unemployed-librarian.

6:45 – Got up and immediately went for the coffee pot.  Got ready, got Ava dressed and then checked my email.

8-9:15 – Received email about the “Joy of Text” webinar I am participating in tomorrow at Millersville and confirmed the date because my days have been running together since becoming unemployed.  Watched Ava listen to records and play with her books, kissed her goodbye, and started becoming nervous for my interview

9:30-9:45 – Drove to my interview.  Job Title: TSS (Therapeutic Staff Support).  Main Responsibilities: Encourage child/adolescent in fostering greater independence and socially responsible behavior (usually in the classroom).   Not a librarian position, but still extremely excited.


11:30-11:45 – Called my best friend/former internship supervisor to tell her how my interview went.  I was also driving to the grocery store (I know, I shouldn’t talk on the phone while driving, but I was too excited).

12:00-12:30 – Grocery shopped and picked up extra milk because of the possibility of another Snowpocalypse (Nor’Easter, haha).

12:45-1:30 – Whipped up a quick lunch before Ava woke up and checked email and facebook.  I received a few more job notifications and started copying links to my Job Pathfinder.

1:45-3 – Fed and played with Ava.

3-4:15 – Talked to another best friend on the phone about my job interview and sent him an email of links for jobs I thought he might be qualified for.

4:15-6:45 – Cooked dinner, fed and played with Ava some more.  Then, put her to bed.

7 – Another good friend came over and we discussed the possibility of me landing that job.

9p-Now – Finishing up this post and job searching..until at least midnight.

Being unemployed actually means working around the clock looking for jobs, so my day really never ends.  I feel guilty if I have down-time between the baby’s nap schedule and don’t look for jobs.  I add each link to jobs onto a pathfinder I have created and then start drafting cover letters until my eyes cross, and then I am satisfied enough to go to bed.

However stressful it may get, I am always hopeful and excited for the opportunities of a new day 🙂

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