Hey PaLA 2011!

Fall weather, classes starting, and PaLA conference-time is in the air!  

This year, I am presenting a poster with LibraryScenester called “Changing perspectives, building careers: library internships for undergrads.”  Learn how I (and other interns at Millersville University Library), gained invaluable experience and the motivation to continue further study in librarianship – so, be sure to stop by on Monday between 1-2pm! 🙂

It’s good to know, too, that I’ve never stayed overnight at a conference so this is going to be an entirely new experience for me.  Last year, I just walked down to PaLA which was being held about 4 blocks from my apartment – this year, I’m driving 3 hours up to State College (no worries, I’ve got playlists).

Here’s a few things that I’m bringing for my short stay at PaLA 2011:

  • My trusty laptop – Mostly because I have to work on a Lit midterm – haven’t decided whether to bring it to sessions – thoughts?
  • Multiple outfits– I’m terrible at choosing what to wear, hopefully my hotel roomies can help me out 🙂
  • My COAT – It’s going to be freezing and raining on Sunday, so come prepared!
  • iPod – for the car
  • Camera – I’ve never been to State College, and I thought taking photos at PaLA would be a fun way for me to relax between sessions.

Be sure to check back for notes from the sessions – thanks for having me again, PaLA 🙂


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