Sundog Lit Issue 2

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 10.05.44 AM

Sundog Lit Issue Two is here! As you can imagine, the work that goes into creating an online literary journal that stands out among the rest is no easy task, and I think that we’ve achieved something magnificent for Issue Two.

My friend, Sara Hess, is the featured cover artist and was also the winner of our continuing series, Photogene. She takes beautiful photographs that highlight the beauty in decay and jaunts the soul through her striking composition. You should really check out her work.

As you know, I co-edit the poetry section, and this issue will not disappoint. From poets such as Rosebud Ben-Oni, Paul Siegell, and Eliot White – you will be swept away. Absolutely beautiful is the only way I can describe it.

Take a look, check it out, and spread the word!

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