These are things that I’m writing

Recently, I had two book chapter proposals accepted to different manuscripts that are due to publish this year! At the end of 2012, I dubbed 2013 the year of writing, and so far, I’m on track.

Here’s a glimpse at what I proposed:

1. Focus on Educating for Sustainability: Toolkit for Academic Libraries

Teaching sustainable information literacy: a collaborative endeavor in the humanities 

Academic librarians must become active partners in advancing and integrating sustainable literacy into instruction through collaborative teaching across disciplines. Embedding a librarian into a classroom in a collaborative effort with faculty ensures ACRL standards will be adapted appropriately to the culture, economy, local history, and ecology of West Texas A&M University as well as promote the importance of sustainability and the impact of student research to the future. This chapter outlines a collaborative effort in the humanities, specifically studies in the Western Memoir, and blends eco-criticism, the West, place and identity, and synthesizes the impact of information and research through an ecological, economic, and social lens. Students engage with western memoirs and use eco-criticism as a lens to further investigate their texts. In the process, students are introduced to the idea of Western identity and place and the impact of critical regionalism in scholarship. Integrating sustainability education and information literacy into the curriculum provides students the ability to shift their perspective to investigate, think critically, and evaluate their use of information in a global sense. In this collaborative endeavor, students conduct primary source inquiries in the local community with faculty guidance while the librarian promotes the use of open access content to secondary scholarly research in order to cultivate a breadth of information. The synthesis of primary and secondary scholarship leads students to think critically about the local consequence, application, and manifestation of information. This research and primary oral histories are then preserved by the library where students can recognize the significance of their research for the future, therefore fostering and promoting the importance of sustainability. Students leave the course with a better understanding of how knowledge and information can impact local culture and traditions and understand the fusion of critical thinking and sustainable thinking as inherently necessary. This chapter provides teaching faculty and academic librarians the tools to start a collaborative effort to promote lifelong critical thinking in sustainability that can be adapted and fused to a broad range of disciplines.

2.  The Machiavellian Librarian: Winning Allies, Combating Budget Cuts, and Influencing Stakeholders  

Slybrarianship: Building Alliances Through User Engagement and Outreach
Strong relationships are at the core of delivering an exceptional experience and providing library programs and services that match what our users want and truly need. Academic librarians must become active partners in advancing and integrating the library by building alliances with faculty, staff, and students to increase positive perceptions of libraries. This chapter explores how building strong personal relationships through user engagement and outreach can increase reputation and improve visibility while providing better services on campus. Looking at user engagement through a library student advisory board allows librarians to provide desired services to targeted groups as a strategy to deliver the best user experience. By enhancing student engagement, librarians can then position themselves to become indispensable to their campus. This chapter provides sly academic librarians the tools and tips to equip themselves to rally strong allies and gain relevance and influence at the university.

The first proposal is a hypothetical program that could tie into the humanities, while the 2nd proposal is one that I strive to accomplish in my daily work activities. I have presented at several conferences, published reviews and encyclopedia entries, but this is the first time that I will have ever published a book chapter – I’m really excited to see how this process goes 🙂 Stay tuned!

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