Marketing to Parents of College Students

I was recently asked to create some marketing materials that could be handed out to parents at New Student Orientation, and I jumped on the opportunity because anytime I get to be creative and draw, I’m happy. But, what do parents want to know about the library? Why should they care?

This summer, I’ve spoken to a ton of parents about the library, but the number one question I get is, “can my student get their textbooks there instead of buying them?” I often wonder, how can I make something that isn’t monetarily rewarding, intrinsically important to parents and their future students?

I try to make the library appear different than shushing library they might’ve grown up with– I tell them that we once had tubas in the library– TUBAS! And that we show a movie outside in the fall, and we have dogs in the library– DOGS during finals. We have a coffee shop! And amazing librarians that will pretty much do anything to help their student.


But sometimes, the message doesn’t get across. So, I’ve crafted a little sheet for them to refer back to. I think maybe parents care more about their child succeeding in college and less about all of the cool events and things we’re doing. Damn it, Amy, know your audience! Rookie mistake, certainly.

Parents want to know that their children are getting personal attention, that they’re cared for, and that they pass their classes while finding their passion. I’m hoping that their student might take a peek in their parent’s bag too, and might be interested in the neat flyer.

What are you crafting lately?

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