July, Palisaded Plains – Poetry Submission by A. Pajewski

Originally posted on in parentheses:
The train trails time, ebbs as I lie awake, staring at plastic stars, stuck to popcorn ceiling by the last tenant. Sounds call out and I’m out of nouns.Its warble rends sky from Juniper. Disrupts quotidian life. A resplendent- ness leaves you staggering.

We dance

in the garden between impatiens and an ash tray. Sun shines down, reflects from your collarbones. I turn raspberries from white to red. Sun flashes off the birdbath. Now, 1 hour later, we dance between concrete and thyme. Breeze churns clouds, turbulent and you dance into rain.

Poems published in Curio Poetry (Issue 7)

This weekend, Curio Poetry published two of my poems in their newest issue! Curio Poetry is a newish journal “that explores the world at a micro-level: tiny spaces, instants, individual objects, scraps of dreams and memories, et cetera.” Joseph Harker and Tessa Racht are editing the magazine, and I am excited to see what direction they lead it next! […]

Companion to Listening Faces

Listening Faces When we sat across from each other in the place where we met you talked about your nights by the fire                                                                         face listens You talked about yourself                                                                         face listens When we were lying next to each other you told me what […]