From the Desk: Office Inspiration

From the Desk is a new series that I’m trying out. What you’ll find:

  • Stories from my office and/or other desks I might frequent
  • Office decoration/design
  • Office inspiration
  • What I’m doing at my desk(s)
  • Views from my desk
  • More to come..



Everyday I sit at my desk. In my office. Past the bathrooms, on the left. Sometimes, I sit at other desks. Sometimes, I work from a desk in the student center, or in the Fall, my classroom. This series is for those of you who also sit and/or [wo]man desks and for those of you who are curious as to what might go on behind the desk of a librarian.

I thought I’d start off with the top 5 things on my desk RIGHT NOW that inspire me.

1. Blown glass ice cube paper-weight – This thing is AWESOME. We have a pretty neat glassblowing class on campus, and students get to create some truly magical things. Even this tiny ice cube is pretty spectacular. The student who gave it to me said he had to blow extra air bubbles into it to give it that true ice look. Sometimes, when I’m unable to concentrate, I’ll look at that little cube, at all the bubbles.

2. John Wayne coffee mug – My mom got me this cup last time she was in town, and I love it. It makes me feel like a cowboy and is a nice decoration considering where I live (Texas Panhandle). When I’m feelin’ down, John always gives me a jolt to get my ass back to work.

3. Alabaster Owl – I love owls (in case you didn’t notice), and this one sits above my mouse. Staring with amber eyes. It reminds me to keep my designs simple and my lines clean.

4. Painted/drawn owl duo – These owls were a gift a couple of years back and they look awesome on my desk. What I love most are the colors and lines. Again, when I’m attempting to design signage for the library, I try to stick with simple themes, lines, and colors. These little dewds help with that.

5. Free painting square – One First Friday in Lancaster I donated $1 to the SPCA and got this free painting. Pretty cute huh? Well, it followed me 1600 miles to sit to the right of my keyboard. I think the reason this one inspires me is the color. Reminds me to keep my designs fresh and bright.


These are only some of the things that inspire me at my desk 🙂 What are some things in your work area that inspire you?

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