Library Marketing & Outreach- Texas Style


There is a new ACRL interest group called Library Marketing and Outreach (ACRL_LMAO), formed at ALA in Vegas by Virginia Alexander and Adam Haigh. I was lucky enough to get in touch with them to volunteer as a Texas representative and I’m excited to get some of these marketing meet-ups going.

If you’re in Texas, you can sign up and discuss what you’d like to learn from these informal brainstorming sessions. We will be sharing things that we’re doing at our own institutions as well as learning from others.

Basically, I’ll be:

  • Holding informal meet-ups for librarians. They can be anywhere there happens to be interest. Usually the state rep would be the person hosting 😀
  • Be thinking of ways to keep the conversation going on the connection pages. Conversation starters could be talking about different marketing and outreach successes and mishaps from your state. Highlighting star players from your locale. Talking more about innovative ideas and sharing with others.

If you’d like to join us in learning more about Marketing & Outreach, or if you just want to gain some inspiration, please check out the Facebook grouplistserv, or the community group in ALA Connect

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